05 April 2012
My Impression of ASP.NET MVC Framework - Things To Improve
Been testing out ASP.NET MVC framework as of late and I have to say, it takes a bit of time to get use to it. Coming from the Java's Spring MVC background, I can't say the transition is easy. Here are a few things I've noticed so far that I really think Read More...
06 February 2012
My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 5 - Reduce scope, stay focused
After writing my last post and finally get a visual of what my site will look like finally, it gets me thinking. I've posted before about " How your approach will truly make it or break it your company ", I noticed that I'm making the mistake again. What Read More...
02 February 2012
My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 4 - Brainstorm from a visual perspective continues
In my last post, I discussed about the application from a user's profile perspective, today, I thought I will mock up how the site will look like on the home page. Instead of typing plain text, I thought I would better try out some professional mock up Read More...
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20 January 2012
My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 3 - Brainstorm from a visual perspective
Previously, I discussed my inital draft of what entails the applicaiton , as I thought this through, I think it will be ideal to present a visual view of what might be helpful to the users and from here, brainstrom what else need to be added. I first Read More...
17 January 2012
How NOT to listen to your customers. Know your job.
The title might seems strange, you always listen to your customers correct? Customer is god, they should be treated with the greatest respect. I was reading an article by Mark Cuban http://www.entrepreneur.com/article/222501?cm_mmc=Market-_-Outbrain-_-NA-_-NA Read More...
13 January 2012
How your approach will truly make it or break it your company.
In my earlier post " Identify a market or identify a problem? How you approach your idea makes a difference !", I've described two approaches to a product / service. This post is a reminder of another concrete example of how the two approaches comes to Read More...
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13 January 2012
Shame on Google. The two sides of getting yourself indexed.
The news just got in. Please read http://blog.mocality.co.ke/2012/01/13/google-what-were-you-thinking/ . In short, a company called Mocality, who painstakingly build their comprehensive business directory in Kenya over the years by investing in money Read More...
12 January 2012
Identify a market or identify a problem? How you approach your idea makes a difference!
The other day, my business partner Jackson Lin and I had a rather interesting discussion. Background ------------------------------------------ It all started by an article discussing the differences between Tumblr and Wordpress, how Tumblr was able to Read More...
06 January 2012
My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 2 - Brainstorm Application and Use Cases
Previously, I wrote a post titled " American Healthcare - A maze needed to piece together by seniors ", I realized that it was somewhat difficult to piece together the information out there on the web. Maybe it's due to a lot of Seniors are computer illiterate Read More...
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06 January 2012
American Healthcare - A maze needed to piece together by seniors.
First, let me note down a bit of a background. My parents are over 65 and they are on Medicare. Due to the language barrier, I had to chip in and lend a helping hand. It's not that they can't speak English, but to navigate through the maze that is Medicare, Read More...
04 January 2012
Ready....Go! My first .NET MVC application Project 1 | Part I - Technical Requirement
I have a simple ideal application for learning MVC and below is a list of the technical requirement I wish to achieve 1. Use MVC 3 / C# (MVC 4 looks like it's still in developer's preview, so we'll skip that for now) 2. Use Entity Framework 4.1 (See what's Read More...
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04 January 2012
A Programmer's New Year Resolution
Really, it never works, but I have to try. ASP.NET MVC (3/4) is something I have to get on board this year. Learn it well and converts all my .NET 2.0 applications this year and have them up to date. I'm still somewhat sketchy on the lambada expressions Read More...
23 September 2011
Design Change and the Impact on Products
It's funny how a simple design change can impact your product. I've been a loyal Yahoo Mail customer for years and years, and to me, email is email. If I don't have obvious reasons, then I don't see a point of switching. Recently, after accidentally clicked Read More...
16 September 2011
Await .NET 4.5
I have been stuck on the .NET 2.0 bandwagon for the longest time. During the development in the past few years, I have watched Microsoft giving birth to .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0, the features came out of them such as LINQ, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Read More...
08 September 2011
Lotus Seeds
It has been ages. People who've lived in Asia loves to eat this delicacy. They are lotus seeds and in China at least, it's only available in summer time. They are tender and they are mildly sweet, a summer must have when you wanted to chew on something. Read More...
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