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20 June 2007
Reformat PC Craziness - Free Windows Software for Developers
I had to reformat my PC, no way out of it, but little did I expect the amount of time to get all my software installed. I keep a list of the absolute necessary software that I need to do my work, they have to be free, open source, help me be productive Read More...
24 May 2007
Official Jumptree Project Management V1 Is Released
Today, I’m glad to finally announce the official release of Jumptree ASP.NET 2.0 Project Management software – to effectively manage projects, milestones, tasks and clients interactions. As some of you probably know, it has been two month since the Beta Read More...
01 May 2007
Jumptree Project Management v1 Coming Soon
New update! We've just posted this news on our offical blog, basically with a bit delay due to various feedbacks that we got back from our beta testers, we are going to release our offical v1 in about 1 weeks of time. In addition (here comes my little Read More...
27 March 2007
How To Make Your Own Web Installer Part I - Jumptree Project Installer Demostration
In the last few months, I've seen several people searched “web installer” from search engines and stumble crossed my web site. Unfortunately, I never went into details of how a web installer works, I sincerely hope those who left found their solution Read More...
16 March 2007
Beta Invitation For Jumptree Project
It's finally here. After nearly half year of planning, the first public beta release of Jumptree Project Management software based on ASP.NET 2.0 is available for download. In the past few years, my consulting firm has experimented with all types of bug Read More...
15 March 2007
DisplayTag Library (Java) - A better Grid than .NET's GridView control
Being doing Java for a long time and one of the most impressive library I've used is DisplayTag. This is java world's Grid solution as oppose to the GridView in the .NET world. I have to say there are a LOT of things I like in displayTag library that Read More...
07 March 2007
Select project management software for small size team or small business.
If you have a small size team anywhere between 2-10 people, I’m sure at somewhere in time, you have the need to manage the projects you have on hand. What concerns you the most? What is your management style? Between me and my friends, we all have different Read More...
05 March 2007
The Effective Team Project Management Software
What makes effective project management software? In my mind, they are simplicity, usability, accountability and more importantly, communication. First of all, let’s get this off our back. Microsoft Project is not a solution. The first reason is while Read More...
18 August 2006
Windows Live Writer Virtual Earth
Let me insert a building image here, how do I do that? With LiveWriter's build in Map Insert of course Below is the image that actually got inserted into my post here. VERY SWEET! Read More...
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18 August 2006
Windows Live Writer Impression
This is my second post using live writer and I think I will stick with it for a long long time, it's simply WONDERFUL. You know what's funny. Web application is suppose to make things easier and that's why I choose web development as my profession. Yet, Read More...
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