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24 May 2007
Official Jumptree Project Management V1 Is Released
Today, I’m glad to finally announce the official release of Jumptree ASP.NET 2.0 Project Management software – to effectively manage projects, milestones, tasks and clients interactions. As some of you probably know, it has been two month since the Beta Read More...
06 April 2007
Yahoo UI Ext, Now Named Ext JS is released!
Get it while it's HOT. Yahoo UI Ext is now renamed as Ext JS and it is now in Beta. I believe it is now compatiable with JQuery as well as Scriptaculous. I've talked about the Yahoo UI Ext in my earlier posts and to recap on what it has to offer, here Read More...
20 March 2007
ASP.NET is bad? I disagree.
Earlier today, I read up a post on Gadgetopia on the bad of ASP.NET, especially web forms which I don't agree. I concur to the fact that view state should not be abused, but not view state itself is bad. Comparing to other frameworks like JSF and Struts Read More...
05 March 2007
The Effective Team Project Management Software
What makes effective project management software? In my mind, they are simplicity, usability, accountability and more importantly, communication. First of all, let’s get this off our back. Microsoft Project is not a solution. The first reason is while Read More...
18 August 2006
Windows Live Writer Impression
This is my second post using live writer and I think I will stick with it for a long long time, it's simply WONDERFUL. You know what's funny. Web application is suppose to make things easier and that's why I choose web development as my profession. Yet, Read More...
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