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06 May 2007
New Download for Jumptree Open Source Forum in ASP.NET 2.0 / NHibernate
As I promised later last week, a new version of Jumptree Forum in ASP.NET 2.0 / Nhibernate is released. Details about the core forum is talked about in my previous 1.0 release post here and again, the live version is available on our production site. Read More...
25 February 2007
Playing with MS Ajax 1.0 and Yahoo UI/Ext
I haven't played with Ajax since Atlas (due to GAC requirement not supported by my hosting at the time) and just so it happened that my hosting company announced earlier that all server installed MS Ajax 1.0 now, I decided to give it a spin. First confusion. Read More...
15 January 2007
ASP.NET 2.0, pre-compiled site and Ambiguous match found
If you ran into "Ambiguous match found" after you deploy a pre-compiled site, you might've ran into a case-insenstive variable issue and in my case, it's in one of my user control. Most of the pages in my application runs fine, until it gets to the page Read More...
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03 October 2006
Visual Studio 2005 KeyBoard ShortCuts
You know, I've been using vs2005 for a long time now and I never knew some of the really neat short cuts that saves me a tons of time. I really start to like this so much. These are some of the commands I use a lot Go to definition : f12 Switch to code Read More...
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