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20 March 2007
ASP.NET is bad? I disagree.
Earlier today, I read up a post on Gadgetopia on the bad of ASP.NET, especially web forms which I don't agree. I concur to the fact that view state should not be abused, but not view state itself is bad. Comparing to other frameworks like JSF and Struts Read More...
26 February 2007
MS Ajax and Yahoo UI Hand-In-Hand. Very NICE!
I decided to test out if MS Ajax would play nicely with Yahoo UI/Ext and to my suprise, they do!! How sweet is that!!! I decided to take the sweet FeedViewer from Yahoo UI Ext , and instead of add/listing RSS channels, I list a bunch of sites which are Read More...
15 January 2007
ASP.NET 2.0, pre-compiled site and Ambiguous match found
If you ran into "Ambiguous match found" after you deploy a pre-compiled site, you might've ran into a case-insenstive variable issue and in my case, it's in one of my user control. Most of the pages in my application runs fine, until it gets to the page Read More...
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