06 February 2012

My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 5 - Reduce scope, stay focused

After writing my last post and finally get a visual of what my site will look like finally, it gets me thinking.

I've posted before about "How your approach will truly make it or break it your company", I noticed that I'm making the mistake again. What is my focus here? What is the market and problem I'm trying to resolve?

In the screen mock up I did, you could see that I added functions such as

1. Read health care / medicare related news
2. Medicare Popular tips
3. Popular Tasks
4. In my same shoes

Now, I'm approach it from a "feature" perspective AGAIN!. Keep adding features that will "super-up" the application. Similar to how I described some people's car buying expereince by focusing on features like heated seats, backup camera, kick ass navigation, USB support, wireless internet, electricity based, parallel  parking, heart beat detection, advanced airbag protection system, abs, etc etc.

This is NOT my intention. I'm trying here to solve a problem, not to improve on a solution.

So back to the drawing board, asking myself again, what am I trying to solve here?

1. The fact that there is no good place around the web to ask medicare questions.
2. The fact that there is no good place for ethnic communities to ask medicare questions in their own language.
3. The fact that there is no good way to get in touch with medicare professionals.
4.  Even if we get in touch with medicare professionals, they always try to sell you their services, are they good, are they bad? Which plan fits me?
5.  Where to go for  treatment due to certain symptons that accepts medicare? How much do they charge for diagnosis?
6.  Find other people who are in my situation, (helping out my senior aged parents over  65+ in regards to finding $0 deductible medicare that covers drug coverages as well).

These are the core values I'm trying to resolve. Again,  using the example from my pervious example, when I buy a car, I care about the following

1. Reliability.  If not reliable, then find a more reliable one.
2. Maintenance / Warranty. Does it offer a 60,000 miles / 6 years or better factory warranty. Less hassle and worries for me
3. Price. How much does it cost out of my pocket?

I have to satisify these basic needs before I start to care about "nice to have" features.  This goes the same for this project.

Stay focused, use my resource wisely.

To be continued.

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