02 February 2012

My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 4 - Brainstorm from a visual perspective continues

In my last post, I discussed about the application from a user's  profile perspective, today, I thought I will mock up how the site will look like on the home page.

Instead of typing plain text, I thought I would better try out some professional mock up tools and using the product from balsamiq, I'm real impressed. I highly recommend everyone who wants to do a quick & dirty mock up to give it whirl.

Anyway, without further ado, below is what I came up with using Balsamiq such far.

 Nothing Fancy.

1. Home menu is where I aggreate most of the stuff

I thought most people would care about reading health or medicare related news on this web site. So I thought why not give it a column and have users share those news with fellow medicare users?

2. Latest Concerns - are bascially questions asked by people on this medicare sites. Again, nothing fancy. I added a few stats to it though, such as

- People also interested, how many answers there are so far, how many tips was recommended to answer this questions, and how many repliers are similar to the current users (by parameters set up by the user. more on that later on)

3. Popular Tips - as the name describes, are tips wrote down by fellow members .

 Stats include: How many says, it's a great tip. How many says "YMMV(Your mileage may vary)", etc etc. Exact types are yet to be determined

4. Advertising - As with any sites, you need some advertising to keep it operational right? so I thought, some of the candidates could be insurance companies, pharmacy companies, doctors....

5. Other menus are self explanatory. "In my same shoes" menu though is intended to read/ask/answer everything from people who are similar to the user. Exact detail, I have yet to think it through, but that's the general idea.

Other things to think about.

- Since we are providing advertising, i would like to provide a different kind of profiles for companies and doctors. The reason is that they are very different. They probably will use real names, provide their  details, what they have to offer, what type of insurance they accept, etc and in addition, I would like for instances, encourage the doctors to paticipate and address other's concerns and what not. In addition, from fiancial perspective, later on in the future, charge for these type of accounts, run ad campaigns and etc.

- Given companies and doctors are registered, we might provide a separate sections for companies / doctors, so that users can search for them if they want to and on the flip side, we can charge for listing as well.


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