20 January 2012

My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 3 - Brainstorm from a visual perspective

Previously, I discussed my inital draft of what entails the applicaiton, as I thought this through, I think it will be ideal to present a visual view of what might be helpful to the users and from here, brainstrom what else need to be added.

I first decided to approach from a personal profile point of view. This is where a user is able to view their own history in regards to issues in Medicare.

Profile Info

*Note: We strongly discourage users from register their real names for protection

User           :  EdMedicare2012
Medicare for:  Father

Father's Information
Joined Year
Prefered Primary Language:
Other Lanugages:

**Note: Above information is not required by default. However, if users choose to filter and find others of those parameters, then it is required that they in return, fill it out themselves.  In addition, preferred primary language helps ethnic minorities to target their community for questions/answers

-  No known symptons
-  High Blood Pressure
-  Diabetes
-  Etc etc

Tips To Remember                                                                                                                                                 
**Note: This is more like a blog but only entered for tips learned.              

1. Standalone Part D will disenroll Part A/B advantage plans                   
2. Pay Drug Perscription from the start, or else penalty will be applied      
3. Etc                                                                                                 

Liked Tips by Others
1.  By JohnDor101 - Special Election Period
2.  Enroll with Kaiser
3.  Etc

Interested Issues                                          
1. When to enroll? by Lin083                               
2. When to disnell? by Dgab20843                       
3. Why enroll advantage?by Bege20154              
4. Is Kaiser Permente HMO Good by Eedf2013?

Concerned Issues (Questions asked)
- Glucoma perscription
- Got disnrolled from Part A/B
- Where to get cheap Latantoprost perscription?
- Got disnrolled from Part A/B

To Do List
1. Check mail for enrollment (expect to receive in Sept to Oct)
2. Enroll in Medicare
3. Choose a Medicare advantage plan from private insurance company
4. Etc etc

Tag Used
Glucoma, Part A/B, Part D, Drug Perscription, Enrollement, Dis-enrollment, Traditional Medicare, Insurance, Anthem, Humana, etc

Suggested Readings
1. Headline 1
2. Headline 2
3. Headline 3


I think this gives me a good overview of what might be useful as I write the application.

To be continued.

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