06 January 2012

My First .NET MVC Project 1 | Part 2 - Brainstorm Application and Use Cases

Previously, I wrote a post titled "American Healthcare - A maze needed to piece together by seniors", I realized that it was somewhat difficult to piece together the information out there on the web.  Maybe it's due to a lot of Seniors are computer illiterate or simply there aren't that many young people willing to spend time into helping them. 

A simple search of "Medicare forum" on Google, did not turn up any place truly helpful.  Let along, search for Medicare information useful to immigrant patients who still prefer reading in their native languages.   So, let's humor ourselves this time and think about a useful website that can assist Seniors shall we? Not really a sexy idea, but hey, we are trying to brush up our .NET skills with a sample application aren't we? Might as well serve some purpose. 

Technical requirement is mentioned in [Project 1 | Part 1 - Technical Requirement]. 

First Draft : Jan 06, 2012


To create a website / application where Seniors (and their kids for that matter who are helping them) to be able to plan out their Medicare, connect with other Medicare users who are in similar situations, get ideas and learn from others who have ALREADY been in their shoes, get tips, to-dos and discuss Medicare / insurance / doctors / patient care related issues. 

Basic Requirement

1. Users can remain anonymous - Let's get this clear first. I simply don't dig the Facebook / Google + policies. Medical information is private and some questions would be embarrassing to ask in public under your real name. 

2. Users do not have to register in order to view the content.  At anytime while viewing however, we give the users the options to fill out some information to help them find others who have similar situations, such as age, with spouse, no spouse, spouse's age, zip (some insurances are only offered in certain areas),  currently have traditional medicare or medicare advantage (Part A + Part B) or Part D, etc

3. To ask questions, user need to register and if the user was an anonymous user, all previously entered information while filtering the information will be auto transferred as part of registration process. 

4. All questions will be able to have multiple tags such as "Medicare", "Part D", "Enrollment", "Dis-enrollment", etc

5. All questions have the option to seek specific audiences such as

-  age 64, soon to be medicare users
- age 65+ users
-  age 65+ users who have medicare part D
-  age 65+, Part D, living in Virgina
-  speak Spanish, or Chinese or etc.  
-  Income Level -  Under $10k, under $20k, etc.. As it does have an impact for people with Mediaid (no that I understand the details of it)
-  Existing Conditions - Such as Glucoma, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc etc etc.
-  Professionals such as healthcare provider, agent, etc

6. People matching the quarteira will see a list of questions targeting them, in addition to a separate section of an up to date complete list. 

6. People viewing the questions can mark a question as "I'm in the same shoes"  to get notified of the answers

7. People viewing the answers can mark "I agree with this comment" or "I disagree with this comment". 

8. People answering questions should be able to submit "Google" / "Bing" search engine keywords they used to get their answers from to help other people. 

9. Due to the nature of laws changing every year, it is important to list questions and answers relevant to the year in question. All questions / answers will be sorted and highlighted clearly to indicate if it's current year or past year.... and users are able to filter questions/answers based on the year as well. 

10. In addition to questions/answers. you are able to find / add people who are similar to  you by your demographic. Read their questions / answers

That's it for now. I will have to brainstorm some more and revise in the next few days before I narrow down the scope and what else to add / remove. 

To be continued...


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