04 January 2012

Ready....Go! My first .NET MVC application Project 1 | Part I - Technical Requirement

I have a simple ideal application for learning MVC and below is a list of the technical requirement I wish to achieve 

1. Use MVC 3 / C#  (MVC 4 looks like it's still in developer's preview, so we'll skip that for now)
2. Use Entity Framework 4.1  (See what's good and bad about it)
3. MySQL Server  
4. Master Page needed using Razor View Engine
5. Theme is a must
6. Internationalization / Globalization is needed. (driven by database, no resource files)
7. Need Restful API with authentication enabled. 
8. Ajax based. JQuery with (either backbone.js or knockout.js). JQuery Template needed. 
9. Webgrid helper -  use that to generate the default grid upon loading. use JQuery/Template for manipulation. 
10. All form fields have to be validated server side with globalized error messages.

The application itself is a somewhat simple website. Hopefully it will give me insight into the various technical aspects needed to build a modern web application. 

To be continued....


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