04 January 2012

A Programmer's New Year Resolution

Really, it never works, but I have to try. 

ASP.NET MVC (3/4) is something I have to get on board this year. Learn it well and converts all my .NET 2.0 applications this year and have them up to date. 

I'm still somewhat sketchy on the lambada expressions (Yeah, I'm really behind now) and whatever is new in C# 3 / 4. This will be a pretty exciting new year. 

In addition, mobile development has became main stream and I predict that in the future, mobile development will become an essential skill required by application programmers, after all, what good is it to have a website but not have a native mobile app along with it? This is another goal I will try to obtain this year. First and foremost, I will focus on Android platform as I'm equally experienced in Java and learning Android development will be the best place to start. Second, comes with Windows 7 Mobile. IPhone will probably be my last just because I need to buy a mac to develop on it (or I could hack a PC to run Mac OS. Tiring process....)

Lastly, I plan to blog more often whenever I learn something of interest along the way. 

Anyhow. Below are the resources I've found so far for references. Happy New Year everyone! 

MVC3 and Entity Framework

IOC Container

MVC and KnockoutJS

MVC and log4net

MVC 3 Buildin WebGrid

WCF REST Services Inside MVC Projects

MVC Attribute based Routes

MVC Restful Web Service

WCF, WCF Data Service, MVC

Raw, how to present REserful web services using MVC


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