September 2011 - Posts

23 September 2011
Design Change and the Impact on Products
It's funny how a simple design change can impact your product. I've been a loyal Yahoo Mail customer for years and years, and to me, email is email. If I don't have obvious reasons, then I don't see a point of switching. Recently, after accidentally clicked Read More...
16 September 2011
Await .NET 4.5
I have been stuck on the .NET 2.0 bandwagon for the longest time. During the development in the past few years, I have watched Microsoft giving birth to .NET 3.5 and .NET 4.0, the features came out of them such as LINQ, LINQ to SQL, Entity Framework, Read More...
08 September 2011
Lotus Seeds
It has been ages. People who've lived in Asia loves to eat this delicacy. They are lotus seeds and in China at least, it's only available in summer time. They are tender and they are mildly sweet, a summer must have when you wanted to chew on something. Read More...