December 2007 - Posts

28 December 2007
InfoWorld - Java is becoming the new Cobol.
This article pretty summarizes the sentiments of developers who worked extensively on both the Java environment and the .Net environments. Again, I can’t comment on Ruby on Rail or PHP because I don’t have experiences with them, but what I CAN tell people Read More...
19 December 2007
Babble Babble Babble, we need a way to babble!
Been looking around for Babelfish services across the web, mainly services from Altavista, Yahoo, Google and Windows Live, it'd seems like this is a direction that all major competitors are trying to achieve and in my personal opinion, it's one service Read More...
13 December 2007
Jumptree Project Management v1 .1 Preview Based on ASP.NET 2.0
First of all, thanks to all Jumptree v1.0 customers for making this possible, you guys gave us strength and confirmation of what we do; to a small startup company, it’s truly invaluable. In this release, we fixed bugs that you’ve reported, we incorporated Read More...