January 2007 - Posts

15 January 2007
aspnet_merge.exe" exited with code 1
I just finished writing my last post and since I mentioned "web deployment project", I think I need to blog this error that i encountered during compilation as well. Basically, this means you have duplicated files in your source code and at first glance, Read More...
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15 January 2007
ASP.NET 2.0, pre-compiled site and Ambiguous match found
If you ran into "Ambiguous match found" after you deploy a pre-compiled site, you might've ran into a case-insenstive variable issue and in my case, it's in one of my user control. Most of the pages in my application runs fine, until it gets to the page Read More...
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11 January 2007
Tips for you on how to create a web installer for your sql scripts
In a project that I just finished, I created a web installer for users to re-create our application's database based on the .sql scripts we gerneated from the sql server. Today, I came across Scott 's new post in regards to the RunSQL.aspx provided by Read More...