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31 October 2006
Good News Good News. I wish I can move on to Ajax Beta 1
I've complianed in the previous post on how I'm limited to Atlas and not be able to move forward onto the next Ajax Beta. I read a post today and the ScottGu pointed out that they are considering the possbility of a speical release that would work with Read More...
22 October 2006
I loved Atlas and Now I'm out of Ajax.
I downloaded Atlas Control Toolkit on 10/19/2006 around 3:00am and guess what? Around noon which was 9 hours later, Atlas Control Toolkit became "Ajax Control Toolkit" which is now updated and based on " Ajax v1.0 Beta". Well, at first glance, I was tempted Read More...
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03 October 2006
Visual Studio 2005 KeyBoard ShortCuts
You know, I've been using vs2005 for a long time now and I never knew some of the really neat short cuts that saves me a tons of time. I really start to like this so much. These are some of the commands I use a lot Go to definition : f12 Switch to code Read More...
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